Guided Ideographic Spin System Model Optimization

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GISSMO-desktop GUI virtual machine

The VM contains the GISSMO software package and our database of small molecules

Note that this is a 64-bit virtual machine. It may require enabling virtulation in your computer's BIOS.

  1. GISSMO v2.
  2. Release data: Aug 22, 2018


    File size: 9.0 GB

    MD5: d1d3b1922767a14b390907671223f09d

  3. GISSMO v1.
  4. Release data: September 19, 2017


    File size: 6.6 GB

    MD5: 40b60c10a896aa935dda71e5bd1e7faf

GISSMO-desktop GUI standalone

  1. GISSMO v1 - OS: Windows
  2. Release data: May 10, 2018


    File size: 8.6 MB

    Note: You need to install MATLAB runtime library (2016a) to run this binary file.